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Watch J.D. Martinez’s grand slam vs. the Orioles


At one point the Tigers trailed 7-1. I don’t know why we kept watching. Maybe because it’s Tuesday night and there’s baseball on and you can just, like, browse the internet for a couple of hours and vaguely pay attention. So we vaguely paid attention.

But a dinger here, a dinger there, and suddenly the Tigers are within three runs. Not particularly awe-inspiring given the Orioles usually hold leads late in the game, but whatever. But Mychal Givens couldn’t get an out, walking the bases loaded. And Brad Brach couldn’t get the out he needed either.

So J.D. Martinez sent the ball flying high into the night and HOLY **** DID YOU SEE THAT suddenly the Tigers led 8-7.

Oh and that was Martinez’s second home run of the game.

Detroit kind of missed him.