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Detroit Tiger Links: Analytics are finally starting to catch on in Detroit.

Big data has finally made it to the Tigers organization.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Caesar is home

One of the biggest developments of the off season was the Detroit Tigersfull commitment to analytics and data mining as an organizational strategy. The team’s new central data hub for the organization is named “Caesar” (yes, this is an Ilitchism) and the team is now fully invested into the age of analytics.

The real question is: what took so long? Moneyball (the movie) came out in 2011, long after just about every MLB team set about building an analytics wing. The fact that the Tigers are just completing theirs speaks to how far behind they are when it comes to data. The good news? They have assembled a smart team around it. Better late than never.

Back at it

Joe Jimenez’s back injury went from not serious at all to out for at least a month in the span of 5 days. Not great news for one of the team’s better relievers. We wish him an extra speedy recovery.

J.D. Martinez Interlude


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That was an absurd game. That is going to happen to Matt Boyd some times, hazard of starting a young pitcher. Team battled back only to have the most predictable thing possible: a two-out home run in the ninth. Of course, the Tigers then lost it in the 13th.

Even though the road trip was mediocre and their ninth inning woes continue, it does appear the Tigers are starting to come together. The reliever roles look more defined, and the team is almost fully healthy. Most importantly, the AL Central is garbage.

Good cut away, Nats broadcast team

It’s a different Zimmer man

A name to keep an eye on is recently called up Bradley Zimmer for the Cleveland Indians. Abraham Almonte, Austin Jackson, and Brandon Guyer have all been less than impressive, so Zimmer, the number one prospect in the Cleveland Indians system, can make a serious impact if he can produce.

For your free time

The Texas Rangers, despite getting basically no production out of their stars other than Yu Darvish, are hanging around. The New York Yankees are enjoying an absurd amount of renaissance years for players because of course they are. Freddie Freeman has quietly been one of the best hitters in the league. Please continue to not advertise your young stars, MLB. Jake Arrieta has been bad.

Baseball is awesome