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FanPost Friday: What can we tell about the Detroit Tigers after 40 games?

The Tigers play their 40th game tonight. What takeaways do you have about the team so far?

Sparky Anderson

This week’s FanPost Friday prompt is this: After 40 games, what can we tell about the Detroit Tigers season?

You might have something to say about the Tigers bullpen, rotation, or lineup. Maybe you feel that the bullpen is mostly better than some years. Or that the starting rotation has been good. Or that the offense has been close to average. We want to hear it!

Former Tigers manager Sparky Anderson always said that after 40 games, he could tell what kind of a team he had. By the 40 game mark, the players know each other relatively well and have settled into a rhythm, and the team win-loss record and overall statistics are no longer a small sample size, generally speaking.

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