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Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera would like you to eat his bitbits

Cabrera has launched a new candy line. Creepy mascot? Check.

Miguel Cabrera, Chris the Crown, and Daniel Satine (chairman of Miggy Foods)
Image courtesy of Evan Woodbery on Twitter

Baseball players are no stranger to endorsing foods. It’s no Miggy salsa, or Billy Butler BBQ sauce, but Miguel Cabrera announced his newest food-related venture today with the crispy, chocolate — sorry, “chocolatey fun” — coated candies called “Bitbits.”

The candy even has its own mascot, a crown named Chris. Fans may recall seeing Chris around Comerica with the hashtag #whoischris teasing the upcoming announcement.

Tigers’ management came out to the press conference for a sample.

Fan (and staff) responses were somewhat less than sweet.

The candies will come in four different flavors: milk chocolate, peanut, strawberry cheesecake, and white chocolate. The candies will be available in Comerica Park starting May 19, and will move into retail stores in Michigan, Florida, Texas, New York and more. Bitbits will come in four different sizes and prices start at $1.09 per bag.