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Welcome to the new Bless You Boys and SB Nation

Spoiler: it’s exactly the same, it just looks a little different.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning!

As you have probably realized by now, things look a little different around here. Those of you who venture elsewhere on the SB Nation network probably know that the main hub underwent a facelift a few weeks ago. Things over there are brighter, with more stories, more front-page pictures, and more... blue.

If you browse our site a bit today — please do! — you will see some of those same changes around here. The front page layout will be a bit different, and we will be experimenting with different setups throughout the day (these toys are new for us, too). Those of you on mobile will see a much different front page setup as well, along with what we hope are faster loading times. Here’s a quick once-over on how the changes will look on all platforms if you’re crunched for time.

Why the change? For one, it was time. Our last refresh was five years ago, and website coding is changing faster than a Robin Ventura-led bullpen these days. The fine folks who actually design and build this stuff have told us that this re-design should help make things run better on all platforms, as well as modernize our look a bit. It might take some getting used to, but we’re still the same Bless You Boys you know and (hopefully) love.

And that’s most important, really. We are still providing the same great content you have come to expect day in and day out. Our minor league recap will be up later today, along with a game preview, some analysis, a highlight or two, and everything else BYB is known for.

Welcome back. We hope you enjoy the new look.