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Detroit Tiger Links: You can’t blame the bullpen anymore

They’re actually good now!

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

What did you guys sacrifice to the bullpen gods?!

Look. I don’t know what happened — and I’m assuming it was immoral — but somehow the Detroit Tigers’ bullpen has gone from directly contributing to half of the their losses to the strength of the team.

The heart of their success has centered around Alex Wilson, Justin Wilson, and Shane Greene. Since moving Francisco Rodriguez out of the closer role, that trio have been lights out, forming the seventh through ninth combination that Tigers fans crave.

Even the aforementioned K-Rod has put together some good results lately while providing a mentoring role to the younger core. We may only be a month into this experiment, but the Tigers’ bullpen has finally supplied some quality pitching.

Omar Infante, still kind of a Tiger

Remember when Omar Infante signed on in the spring, raked, and everyone assumed he would get a roster spot somewhere? Well he didn’t. He is still in Triple-A Toledo guiding the younger guys, hitting .291 and winning baseball games. It’s quite the luxury to have that kind of depth with your Triple-A affiliate.

Hard reset.

Have you been missing Nick Castellanos the past two games? While he looked like a prime breakout candidate after a hot start, Castellanos has been struggling mightily lately. Brad Ausmus smartly decided to give him a mental break. The team needs his bat right to extend the lineup.

J.D. is a Joker

Farmers Only

Buck Farmer will start the first game of Friday’s doubleheader. The team recalled him without sending anyone down because the league allows for a 26th player when you play two, as Ernie Banks would say. Farmer has not yielded many crops in the majors, going 0-5 with a 9.68 ERA so far.

For your free time

The Tigers feature heavily in the top 70 players who could be traded ranked by headline potential. Bartolo Colon has finally started pitching like a 44 year old and it makes me sad. The Atlanta Braves play Mario Kart during rain delays like smart human beings. The Boston Red Sox have activated David Price. Pitchers who slow their pace tend to throw faster speeds.

Baseball is hard