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Mud Hens host ‘Hens and Hounds’ night

BYB brings you the very best good dogs down on the farm

Two huskies enjoy the Mud Hens “Hens and Hounds” night.
Image courtesy of Peter Kwasniak

Friday night the Toledo Mud Hens hosted their first of two planned ‘Hens and Hounds’ nights this season.

Hens fans and dog owners brought their furry friends out to the park, and the results were doggone good. Obviously baseball is great no matter what level it is, and everyone loves adorable pooches. So, when these two great things come together, we couldn't not bring you up close coverage of this meeting of everyone’s two great loves.

The process is very simple, really. You purchase tickets for yourself and a ticket for each four-legged friend you’re bringing. The dogs enter into a specially reserved area, towing their humans behind them, and everyone in proximity to this sheer amount of adorableness receives more joy than getting an extra candy bar from the vending machine. What’s better, 100% of the proceeds from the dog ticket sales went to local pet charities.

But enough chatter, onto what you really came to see. We found the best of the best and rated them on a 10 point Good Dog scale.

Those eyes, beaming immense amounts of adorableness right into your heart. 10/10 Very Good Dog.

Alert, cunning, sits well - 10/10 Very Good Dog.

This is Moose. Moose gets in your car and has to move the seat back to fit. 10/10 Very Good Dog.

Of course there’s room for the little fellow. She may be small but she’s mighty in cuddles. 10/10 Very Good Dog.

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs! 20/20 Very Very Good Dogs.

That face. That goofy slobbery face. Love. 10/10 Very Good Dog.

Oh, and I guess the Hens ended up dropping the game 4-2 but who’s paying attention really, when there were so many good dogs to play with?