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White Sox 3, Tigers 0/Tigers 4, White Sox 1: Split the difference

The Tigers played a tough double header today and manage to come up with a win.

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox - Game Two Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Anyone who looked at the pitchers for today would have likely assumed Michael Fulmer would be the Tigers’ pitcher to come away with a win. But it was actually Buck Farmer, making a spot start from Triple-A Toledo who was the winner of the day.

It was a rough day for the Tigers overall. Just when it seemed like they might repay the White Sox for their shut out, the bullpen collapsed in the ninth inning and the Tigers were barely able to eke out a win.

With Ian Kinsler on the disabled list, and an assorted collection of Triple-A guys in the mix, it’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong, especially when guys like Farmer and John Hicks were definitely pulling their weight.

Mostly it’ll just be nice to get out of this series with a split.

Game One: White Sox 3, Tigers 0

In spite of the score not going in favor of the Tigers, Michael Fulmer did a remarkable job, pitching a complete eight innings. Had the Tigers defense offered him any assistance, the three runs he allowed wouldn’t have been such a blight on his record, but as it is, he was forced to take the loss.


Michael Fulmer - The reigning rookie of the year has been a pillar of stability in the Tigers rotation and their most consistent pitcher. He deserved better.


The offense. They managed only four hits, and didn’t score any runs despite drawing nine walks. The team collectively left 22 runners on base. Key scoring opportunities were squandered by double plays and strikeouts.


It was Fulmer’s 10th consecutive quality start, and his second career complete game.

There’s really not much else to be said about game one, so let’s move on.

Game Two: Tigers 4, White Sox 3


Buck Farmer - the Mud Hens pitcher - did incredible work today over 6 13 innings. Whether it was because he was working with a familiar catcher in John Hicks, or because he was just that dialled in, Farmer put in the kind of show the Tigers have been hoping to see out of their starters. It’s hard to say if Farmer might be considered for more than a spot start later on down the road, but he certainly didn’t hurt his odds with how he performed tonight, striking out 11 batters and keeping the White Sox scoreless.

Steve the Hat Guy - he wasn’t playing, but he kept the Fox Sports Detroit team awake with giggles for several innings thanks to his enormous red foam cowboy hat.

Here is the hat being modelled by FSD’s Johnny Kane.

Victor Martinez - without his one-run home run, the game would have gone into extra innings. Bless you, Victor, for saving us all from an ever longer day.


The bottom of the bullpen - doesn’t seem to matter who is pitching in the ninth, it seems like the Tigers simply cannot close out a game cleanly right now. After good work by Shane Greene, in the bottom of the ninth Justin Wilson lost the shutout, giving up three runs in the inning.

Everything else.


Buck Farmer’s 11 strikeouts are the most for any Tigers pitcher this season.