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Detroit Tiger Links: The Tigers are still a very confusing team

Luckily, they have been the good kind of confusing this week.

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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers entered the month of May with the worst pitching in the entire league. Yet, they are 14-12, including a 4-1 record against the dreaded Cleveland Indians. Do you know how many games the Tigers won against Cleveland last year? That’s right, four.

It is very clear that no one has any idea what to make of this team. The Ringer has them a fair ways down their Power Rankings. Shawn Windsor of the Detroit Free Press does a good job of laying out the total contradiction that is the 2017 Tigers. So far, they are a beautiful mess.

For whom the Bell tolls

Left-handed pitcher Chad Bell has had a long trek to the majors. A 14th round pick by the Texas Rangers in 2009, Bell has risen all the way from High-A and overcome a Tommy John surgery to reach the reach the bigs for the first time.

The Tigers need more length from their bullpen and Cleveland has a vast amount of left-handed hitters, so Bell was a logical choice to be called up. So far this season, he has posted a 1.25 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP. He has only allowed five runs (three earned) and 18 hits over 21 23 innings. You can find a full breakdown of the rookie at Minor League Ball. His stay may be brief but here’s hoping he makes the most of it.

Oh my, he did it!

I mean, he didn’t throw to first base, but... still counts!

Strategically important Comerica Park announcements

First, and most importantly, June 27 will be the famed “Bark at the Park” night in Detroit. We here at Bless You Boys are very pro dogs and there will be a full recap of all of the good dogs that attend.

The team will also be having a “Game of Thrones” night on July 28. I don’t entirely know what that entails, but I will pay large sums of money for the J.D. Martinez iron throne bobblehead that will be given out. Also, I really hope he is still on the team or that is going to be awkward.

Finally, Comerica Park will be hosting an international soccer friendly between Paris Saint Germain and Roma on July 19. The decision was met with a lot of eye rolling, but seeing two of the world’s better teams up close at a cool venue seems like a win to me.

The one story you should read this week

Pittsburgh Pirates rookie infielder Gift Ngoepe writes a thrilling narrative on his first hit and his journey to that get to that plate appearance. Also it features my favorite gif of the year, Gift having Francisco Cervelli and James Harrison feel his heart.

For your free time

The Royals have forgotten that scoring runs is important. A man is flushing his friend’s ashes down the toilet in every major league park in the country. Dallas Keuchel is playing a dangerous game with pitch location.

Baseball is awesome