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Detroit Tigers Links: Miguel Cabrera still believes and so should you

Even after a rough night, if you’ve got Miggy, you’ve got a shot

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images


Another Justin Verlander gem, another loss. The frustrating trend that haunted Verlander last year continues and another extremely winnable game is lost. These are the games that the fan base will look back on in September with disgust.

Miggy still believes

After cruel trips to both Houston and Chicago, the questions were mounting about the team and #TeamSell were already drafting their picket signs. But the offense broke out Monday night to relieve some pressure but then Tuesday the team was blanked by some bro named Skoglund. Miguel Cabrera’s reaction to the slump is telling.

"I think it's hard to relax when you lose three games in Houston and three games in Chicago. There was a lot of pressure in the clubhouse, a lot of pressure in the game. But today we went out there and played baseball. We stopped thinking about the bad things we did in the past, the mistakes we did in the past, and we came today to play baseball. Hopefully we can do that tomorrow and the rest of the season."

Translation; we get it. We know that this is probably our last shot and we want to win just as badly as everyone else.

It’s also interesting to see Cabrera continue to take a more central leadership role. Not sure we would have seen that quote a couple years ago.

Last note on Collins

It’s still up in the air whether Tyler Collins will remain in the Tigers organization, but it’s understandable that a move had to be made. The team couldn’t stomach any more of his May slump. But kudos to both Lynn Henning on getting this piece and Tyler Collins for stepping up and accepting the demotion with grace.

“I’m with my girlfriend and we’re going to take a walk on this beautiful, sunny day,” Collins said. “Honestly, we feel like we’re not respecting this beautiful planet God has designed for us if I’m sitting in a room, moping.

“It sucks, not to be with those guys,” he said of his Tigers teammates who are in Kansas City for a three-game series. “I’ve spent my entire career with this team.

“But I understand one door has to close for one to open.”

He’s come a long way from flicking off an entire stadium. Hopefully he clears waivers and can come back and redeem his struggles.

Red Sox alert

The Red Sox got bad news yesterday with the loss of Dustin Pedoria for two weeks, but otherwise, things are looking up in Beantown. The team has answers for both their third base and rotation issues and David Price is back and looking nasty.

Despite their struggles and even rumors of their manager’s removal, they still sit only three games back of the Yankees. The Red Sox are still the favorites for the AL East.

For your free time

Did you know Albert Pujols is only two home runs away from 600? No one seems to really care. Grant on the unwritten rules of waiting three years to peg someone with a baseball. Inspiring stuff as always. FiveThirtyEight quantifies just how crappy it is to lose Mike Trout for eight weeks. Homer Simpson is in the baseball Hall of Fame and Barry Bonds is not.

Baseball is awesome