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‘Game of Thrones’ is coming to Comerica Park. Here’s which characters the Tigers would be.

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Winter is coming to Comerica, so where would the Tigers fit in if it was Westeros?

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Game of Thrones is such an engrained part of the cultural lexicon that even if you’ve never seen an episode you can probably still go, “That’s the one with the dragons and boobs, right?”

Of course, for fans of the show it’s quite a bit more nuanced than that. The interwoven plots of different families vying for a place on the Iron Throne, the seat from which most of the power of the kingdom of Westeros falls. Beloved characters die without warning, the violence is often gruesome, there is backstabbing both literal and figurative. Heroes rise, but so too do villains. It’s a truly mesmerizing television experience.

So the MLB decided to pair up with Game of Thrones to bring the most popular television series to America’s pastime. A perfect combination. To celebrate the July 16th premiere, the Tigers will host a Game of Thrones event at the park on July 28. Fans are encouraged to dress up, and there will be an exclusive J.D. Martinez Game of Thrones bobblehead.

To get hyped up for the event, we decided to see which Tigers players would be which Game of Thrones characters.

Ian Kinsler / Bronn

Charming, witty, and absolutely lethal. We think Kinsler and sell-sword Bronn are a perfect match up.

Joe Jimenez / Gendry

Gendry might well be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne as Robert Baratheon’s son, just like Jimenez might be the rightful heir to the Tigers’ closer job. However both are currently adrift in boats and we’re not totally sure when we’ll see them again.

Chris Sale / Ramsay Bolton

Okay this is a cheat, but Sale is a villain the Tigers often face, and he is awfully fond of cutting things up...

James McCann / Ser Loras Tyrell

Both popular and good looking, but perhaps not as great at their jobs as their fans would like.

Alex Avila / Davos Seaworth

Like the Onion Knight, Avila is quietly reliable and stands by his team through thick and thin without voicing complaints. Plus they can both grow a really solid beard.

Brad Ausmus / Ser Jorah Mormont

Much like Jorah longs to win the favor of his queen, Ausmus keeps hunting for that seemingly unattainable championship season.

Victor Martinez / Barristan Selmy

Victor and Selmy are both once-great champions, both of whom used to play for the enemy, and now hope to spend their final years on the side of the champion team.

Nicholas Castellanos / Oberyn Martell

Charming, easy to love, big fan of the deep-v shirt, and goatees.

Michael Fulmer / Robb Stark

Rookie of the Year and the young King in the North, they both achieved success early and had to manage expectations as a result.

Daniel Norris / Arya Stark

Both outdoorsy, young, and the smallest of their contemporaries. Norris, like Arya, might be hard to take serious at first glance, but with the right weapon in his hand is absolutely deadly to hitters.

Justin Verlander / Tyrion Lannister

Quick with a joke, a fan favorite, and likely to be the last standing if everyone else dies (or is traded) off.

Miguel Cabrera / Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane

Unstoppable force of nature that crushes anything in his path.