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FanPost Friday: What’s your best story from when you met a Tiger?

Many of us have a great story. What’s yours?

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

This week’s FanPost Friday prompt is this: What is the most memorable in-person encounter you have had with a member of the Detroit Tigers organization?

The person could be a Tigers player, coach, front office member, owner, or somebody else. It can be a former member or a current one — it’s up to you!

Maybe you met former Tigers manager Sparky Anderson when you were a kid, or maybe you had a great encounter with Fox Sports Detroit play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba. Maybe you’re Hall of Famer Charlie Gehringer’s granddaughter! We want to hear about it.

As always, comments are closed on this post so you will have to write your own. You can click here to start a new FanPost.

We will promote the best ones throughout the week, and may do a recap next week, depending on participation. Last week’s prompt and previous FanPost Friday prompts can be found here.