Is it time to replace K-Rod?

OK, so I don't want this to be another knee-jerk response threat. Nor a Fire (insert target of disgruntled fans here)! And I realize that K-Rod started slowly last year (and most years) before turning it on. But. dear Lord, he has been awful this spring! Another blown save! He is tied for the LEAGUE LEAD with 3 blown saves in only 12 appearances. You do the math. So, who could replace him, you ask? Well, learned reader, I agree- closer by committee rarely works, thus we need to settle on one. I'd stump for Justin Wilson until we could go for broke at the trade deadline. Just remember last Sept. We missed the playoffs by 2 games. That's more games than K-Rod has blown in the first month of the season. Sorry Frankie, but I think it may be time to go!

Your thoughts?

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