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Detroit Tigers Links: Francisco Rodriguez isn't working out as the closer

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In today’s off-day links we talk about bullpen problems, injury returns, and more.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Monday, my beleaguered brethren. Thankfully, it’s an off day, which means the Tigers can’t find a way to lose a baseball game (or two) they should probably win. West Coast road trips are like vaccinations: they’re no fun but you have to do them. Let’s just get it out of the way.

Here are your links.

My kingdom for a closer

Just one day after Tigers manager Brad Ausmus affirmed his support for Francisco Rodriguez, the struggling closer blew his second save in as many days. When discussing K-Rod’s role after Saturday’s loss, Ausmus said that "we haven't had any discussions about using anyone else other than Frankie.” Well, he may be changing his tune. The whispers of Justin Wilson for closer are turning into shouts, and there is still the Joe Jimenez contingent, although a recent back injury in Toledo — among other issues — puts a bit of a damper on that possibility. A decision may have to be made at some point as it is looking more and more like K-Rod has some stuff to figure out.

The hurt locker

We appear to have some good news on the injury front. Both outfielders J.D. Martinez and JaCoby Jones hit home runs in their respective rehab assignments over the weekend. Martinez has been playing in the field, and reports have him possibly returning to the team in the coming week. This might also mean we see Jim Adduci in center field. The news may not be so great for JaCoby Jones as the Tigers activated him from the disabled list and optioned him to Toledo where the hope is his hitting picks up and he can come up and contribute later in the season.

Good News?

The Sporting News thinks the Tigers are ready to pounce on the AL Central. I wonder if they’re watching Detroit play this year. They point to the return of J.D. Martinez as a positive, but list starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann as the “X factor.” I’d probably add a big chunk of the pitching staff to that “X factor” list.

The Tigers’ Twitter account is having a good time

Baseball is awesome

This is why you bring your glove to the game, folks. Also, it kinda sums up how I feel about the Oakland series.

For your spare time

Not only are the San Francisco Giants playing bad baseball, their bus doesn’t work. It could be worse Tigers fans. The Arizona baserunning juggernaut seems kind of relevant. Somebody signed Mike Aviles, and it wasn’t the Tigers. Sounds like things between Matt Harvey and the New York Mets could be better. Being 94 and coaching baseball doesn’t sound like a bad gig.