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Diamondbacks 2, Tigers 1: Jordan Zimmermann snaps off a gem, but offense stalls

Sliders, snapping turtles, and trees!

Arizona Diamondbacks v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Jordan Zimmermann turned in a gem of an outing and the Detroit television audience was treated to Kirk Gibson’s summer vacation videos, but the Tigers dropped the final game of their two-game series at home against the Arizona Diamondbacks, 2-1. The Tigers were swept in the mini series and have now lost six of their last eight games and dropped their third straight series.

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Source: Wikipedia

The evening started off inauspiciously as the Diamondbacks scored two quick runs in the first inning off Zimmermann, thanks to some horrendous defense. Justin Upton booted a line drive single on the first play of the game and allowed the leadoff hitter, Gregor Blanco, to reach third base with no one out. A sacrifice fly off the bat of David Peralta scored him. A botched play and a double past Castellanos put two in scoring position and only a strong throw from Justin Upton to get the runner at the plate and end the inning prevented a third run from scoring.

It looked like Zimmermann would melt down shortly, but he relied on his rediscovered slider to shut the Diamondbacks down for good the rest of the night. He finished the day with a season high eight innings pitched, with just the two runs allowed on six hits, no walks, and six strikeouts.

Unfortunately the tremendous start was wasted as the Tigers could only manage to eek out one run on an Alex Avila RBI single during a two-out rally in the third. The Tigers threatened again with two outs in the fifth but Victor Martinez struck out to end the threat.

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Source: Wikipedia


Jordan Zimmermann: Pitched eight innings of two-run baseball against a high-scoring Diamondback offense, and had retired 14 consecutive batters at one point in the game.


Tigers defense: A series of costly misplays in the first inning proved to be the difference in the ballgame.


  • Though not verified, a 183 kg (403 lb) alligator snapping turtle was found in Kansas in 1937.
  • The Norway Pine tree can reach a maximum age of 500 years.
  • Zimmermann’s 8.0 innings pitched marked his longest start since June 19, 2016, a game the Tigers also lost 2-1.