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Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with Rays Baseball

This time we took our questions right to the source, and asked the official Rays Twitter account some things.

Oakland Athletics v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Tigers will be facing the Rays for a four game series over the weekend, hoping to redeem themselves after a poor showing in Tampa earlier this season. This time around there are no domes, and hopefully no one in the outfield yelling “I got it!”

Usually for our Behind Enemy Lines feature we bring you thoughts and insights from those who know teams the best: the writers who cover them on a regular basis. But this time around we decided we would try something a little different, and took our questions to the Tampa Bay Rays Twitter account instead.

There are some team Twitter accounts that so clearly have fun with social media, and since the Rays recently helped a Minnesota Twins fan name his kitten, we figured they might be game to participate in a Q&A with us. So, we asked them about mascots, home runs, that ridiculous Steven Souza Jr. catch, and a bit more. It turns out they played along admirably, and made use of a very impressive gif library.

(It’s nice to know they’re worried)

Thanks again to the @RaysBaseball Twitter account for playing along with our silly questions. Give them a follow.