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Watch Justin Upton and Jose Iglesias out here robbing Rays

That might have been the best inning of defense played this season.

Baltimore Orioles v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jose Iglesias is a freak, and everyone knows it. The mercurial shortstop can be frustrating with the bat, but his defense continues its ascendance into a higher plane. Jose Iglesias, whose bat has finally caught fire as well, currently leads all shortstops in defense per FanGraphs.

So, yeah that happened. His “5th longest distance on a put-out??” Hard to imagine any other player making as many catches of that sort with so much ludicrous ease and style. It bears noting that the first out of the inning came when Norris sawed off the speedy Peter Bourjos. The little bleeder eluded Norris and Iglesias scooped and fired to nip Bourjos by inches.

Well, you saw how Justin Upton reacted to Iglesias streaking out there to rob that blooper. He wanted some of this action too. And he brought his hops with him.

Who is this team, and what have they done with our Tigers??