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Sum up the Detroit Tigers’ 2017 season in one GIF

We asked Tigers Twitter to sum up the 2017 season so far in one gif. The results were as spectacular as they are depressing

This year has been a difficult year for Detroit Tigers fans [citation needed]. So we decided to put out an invitation to let all you frustrated fans share your feelings on this train wreck of a season.

The results we got were overwhelming, much like the futileness of this team.

Lately, things seems to be imploding.

Everything has been a big slap in the face ...

... or a kick in the nuts

The pitching has been a complete dumpster fire.

And the defense has been comical.

Oops, that hit too close to home.

It’s all been so depressing.

Things started so hopeful ...

... and then it all went wrong.

This giant turd of a season ...

... with this huge payroll is just being lit on fire.

Buy, sell, or do nothing, it doesn’t matter.

Welp ...