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Miguel Cabrera loves majestic beards

The highlight of last night’s game was this beautiful bromance.

Miguel Cabrera gets up close and personal with a fan’s beard. screencap

There are moments that will stand out in Tigers’ fans memories as great events, even when they have nothing to do with the game. Prince Fielder stealing a fan’s nacho. Ian Kinsler rubbing his bloody finger in the dirt. They’re fun baseball highlights that remind us the sport is meant to be enjoyed as a game, and not always to be taken so seriously.

Last night, before the once-perfect game collapsed around Justin Verlander and the Tigers took what should have been a shut-out and turned it into a deeply disappointing loss, Miguel Cabrera did something to remind us all that baseball is — at its heart — still just fun and games.

As he chased a foul ball down, Cabrera took a moment to appreciate a nearby fan’s majestic facial hair, by giving the lush beard a complimentary squeeze with his glove. It was a brief flash in the game, but one of sheer delight.

Let’s take a moment to really appreciate some of the finer points of this tremendous bonding moment.

Look at this dude’s face. Look at the connection they are making.

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No, seriously, look at this face.

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Sheer joy all around. But, oh, what of the young man behind him. Yes, other people nearby witnessed this moment, and their reactions also deserve notice.

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Like this pair:

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And this woman whose face clearly says, “did that just happen?”

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Never forget. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before this gets set to the Titanic theme, let’s be real. Enjoy.

Win the Triple Crown. Break the fourth wall. @miggy24 does it all.

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Update: there is now a Titanic-set version thanks to SBN’s Ryan Walton. That didn’t take long.