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Detroit Tiger News: Looking to the future

Enough dwelling on the trade deadline

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Looking elsewhere

The Tigers are saying all the right things, mainly that they are not concerned with the trade deadline chatter. And while we know that’s not true, let’s ignore it with them and focus on the future for at least one post.

Like the future of our pitching staff, Anthony Gose! He’s sporting a solid 18.69 ERA (nice) in six appearances and seems well on his way. In all seriousness, this experiment will most likely fail, but not many people can throw 100 mph so might as well give it a shot.

How about Jim Adduci? You forgot he existed, didn’t you. Well after over a month on the DL, he is taking batting practice and is nearing a return. He probably won’t crack the 25-man roster so he’ll be more depth in Toledo.

In the minor leagues, Drew Verhagen looked good going 5 23 scoreless in a Mud Hens win and Joe Jimenez is back and 100 percent healthy just in time to probably stay in Toledo.

Lastly, an interesting story around the Tigers’ eighth round pick Max Green. He was actually suspended and eventually ruled academically ineligible at Pepperdine, but the Tigers gave him the second chance at baseball. Here’s hoping he capitalizes.

More on the inevitable sell

Jon Morosi had some Tigers related thoughts in his weekly news dump. If you are team sell, you will be encouraged to see that Chris Archer and Yu Darvish are looking more likely to stay put, opening up possibilities for Justin Verlander. But his contract ($56 million over the next two years) is going to make it extremely difficult for him to be moved.

Ian Kinsler seems like an obvious choice to be moved given his consistent play and post-season pedigree, but most teams are not in need of a second baseman. It might take an injury elsewhere in MLB for Kinsler to gather the haul that he is actually worth.

Sadness cleansing

Gonna need that bat back

Salvador Perez hit a grand slam to win a game for the Kansas City Royals. That, in itself is not overly entertaining. But hitting it with Miguel Cabrera’s bat? Tough to see that coming.

Apparently Miggy, ever the nice guy, gave the Royals back up catcher two bats and one of them made its way into the batters box. Miggy had the perfect response of “I give away all my good bats,” but seriously Salvador, can we get that back?

A very serious discussion on bat flips

Cespedes BBQ is the genesis of the creative minds of Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman and they might be the best baseball follow on Twitter. They recently joined MLB Cut 4 and just produced their first blog for the site, everything you need to know about bat flips. It does not disappoint.

For your free time

The Tigers were very wrong about Cameron Maybin, which we all knew already. If you are angry about the prevalence of two true outcomes this year, this is the article for you. Where baseball could be heading in the next 20 years. The Braves are going to try to do with Freddie Freeman what the Tigers tried with Miggy when Prince arrived. It is also going to fail.

Baseball is awesome