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Detroit Tigers news: Unlucky offense tries to heat up

The Tigers are crushing the ball ... to the wrong spots.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images


Don’t look now, but the Tigers have won three out of four after snagging a series from the Royals. Somehow they are still only 5.5 games out of a playoff spot with more than a half of season left. I’ve been, and will continue to be, in favor of selling. This team is simply not good enough. But they do have a month left to get hot, crazier things have happened.


This Chris McCosky tweet is yet another reason that 2017 is infuriating. The Tigers have 247 hard hit outs, balls that are hit at or above 95 miles per hour that result in an out. The next highest team has 195. That is staggering. Brad Ausmus mentioned this as part of his argument as to why the team is better than its record shows.

The hard hit out conversation had me messing with Statcast where I discovered that if you raise that query a single mile per hour to 96 or above, the Tigers were especially well represented.

That explains a lot. And not surprisingly, J.D. Martinez is on a similar pace with 27 in his injury-limited at bats. Everyone, please hit to slightly different locations.

Hope on the horizon?

Baseball Prospectus published an article about the Phillies having the worst record in the majors but also having the best combined minor league record. Their major to minor positive win percentage differential is currently second all time.

The Mud Hens are scuffling, but this article reminded me that the West Michigan Whitecaps are a combined 51-23 on the season and producing infinitely more exciting baseball then their major league counterpart. Since it’s Low-A, it means the future is still a couple years out, but the team has a host of exciting young players that should fuel hope.

Rod is ecstatic


It appears that the thing that we were all dreading has finally happened. And no, I’m not talking about the great Tigers sell off. Bartolo Colon is finally no longer a major league caliber pitcher.

The fact that he was still playing for $12 million contracts at age 44 is a testament in itself, and while father time remains undefeated, Bartolo made him work for it.

It’s possible he joins up somewhere on the cheap but more than likely this is the last year Colon will grace the major leagues. Hell of a run.

For your free time

Steven Moya was demoted to Double-A and at this point I just feel bad. Alex Wilson knows why he is struggling, which is good because he should fix it. Trea Turner has a broken right wrist, which is bad for everyone. Pitchers are extremely confused by all the home runs.

Michael Fulmer’s first major league curve was awesome