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FanPost Friday: What is the most disappointing thing about the Tigers season?

We’re halfway through the season and it’s time to evaluate.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

This week’s FanPost Friday prompt is this: What disappoints you most about the Detroit Tigers’ season so far?

It’s not news to you that the Tigers have been disappointing this year. Even those of us who had low expectations to begin with are disappointed. Many of us are struggling to pay attention to the team on a daily basis. But what is the biggest letdown of the year? BYB commenter JWurm inspired this week’s prompt when he said after Wednesday night’s game that Daniel Norris is the “most disappointing thing about this season.”

Other areas of disappointment for the Tigers include Francisco Rodriguez, who pitched poorly enough to justify his release, Nicholas Castellanos, whose fielding percentage at third base is the worst of his career, and Jordan Zimmermann, who has failed to meet expectations — to say the least — for a second consecutive season.

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