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Toledo Mud Hens host Harry Potter night Friday

It’s going to be magical.

Theme nights in minor league baseball are a dime a dozen. Bark at the Park is a hit no matter where you go, but lately they’ve been expanding to include just about everything. Ninja Turtle Night? More than one team has done that. WWE night? Yup, suplexes aplenty. Even the majors get in on it with Star Wars night and this year’s Game of Thrones feature nights.

Point being, minor leagues tend to have a lot of fun with their themes, taking it as far as specialty jerseys and giveaways. (The unaffiliated minor league team in my home town has a bacon-themed night complete with bacon food and bacon-printed jerseys.)

Friday night, the Tigers’ Triple-A affiliate Toledo Mud Hens will be hosting a Harry Potter themed night, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first book’s release.

Some of the team are evidently already excited for the prospect of this magical evening.

Remember, JaCoby, it’s “levi-OH-sa” not “levi-o-sahh”.

The Hens will also be serving the appropriately themed food and beverage choices.