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Tigers 11, Jays 1: They’re baaaaaack

Guess that pre-game pep talk worked.

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The break is over. The Tigers are playing the lowest ranked team in the AL East. Here’s the recap.

The Tigers started the game with some pop, courtesy of a first inning home run from Nicholas Castellanos, and a second inning RBI from Jose Iglesias (making the most of base hits from Mikie Mahtook and James McCann).

Francisco Liriano did the Tigers a lot of favors early on, struggling with his control and giving up four walks, including three to start the third inning, loading the bases for slugger J.D. Martinez. At this point it became clear Liriano was injured, and he was pulled from the game. It was later determined he was experiencing neck tightness. The first pitch Martinez saw from Liriano’s replacement Bolsinger was a nice line drive to left, which scored two runs, putting the Tigers ahead 4-0.

Ultimately every single one of the guys walked by Liriano would cross home plate, including a priceless jog home from Miguel Cabrera.

The Tigers gave up one run in the fourth, a byproduct of Fulmer’s only walk, when Josh Donaldson hit a groundout that allowed Jose Bautista to score.

I could put Michael Fulmer in the roars, but at this point it’s almost a foregone conclusion he will pitch magnificently, as he did tonight. The fact is Fulmer is really, really good, and the Tigers are lucky to have him. At the end of the day his line was 8 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 3 K, 101 pitches.

The unicorn dude came back and gave Johnny Kane a “Unicorn Questing License” which is... you know... a thing that happened. Then he offered to “party” with Kirk Gibson and Gibby didn’t understand.

J.D. Martinez proved to be the one that would finally put the team far enough ahead for no worries. In the bottom of the eighth his three-run blast put the Tigers up 11-1, a comfortable lead.

Tigers win!


Whatever happened in that pre-game meeting must have lit a fire under the Tigers, because they didn’t waste any opportunities the Jays set up for them.

Jose Iglesias with an RBI and a stolen base shows his hustle won’t stop. He got his ninth game of the season with three hits.

Miguel Cabrera — and man alive it feels good to write his name in here — with both a great slow hustle home on an RBI and then in the sixth and awesome and much needed two-run blast. Welcome back, buddy.

J.D. Martinez because duh.


Good heavens the outfield is just awful to look at right now.


J.D. Martinez is now up to seven games on his hitting streak.

Miguel Cabrera now has the 37th highest number of RBIs all-time.

Big crowd tonight? Blame thank Canada.