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Detroit Tigers News: The Tigers took the series

A big look at rumors and some midseason grades.

San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers
Brad Ausmus and Justin Upton trying to convince Nick Castellanos that defense is a real thing.
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Welcome to Monday. Unless anything major has happened since my writing this on Sunday night, the core of this Detroit Tigers team is unchanged, although the rumors are hinting at a few possible upcoming moves. The hometown team faced the Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend, and on Sunday Anibal Sanchez did his best to remind us that he’s still not good. Despite that, the Tigers managed to win their first series in what feels like a decade. While you wait for the four-game series against the Royals to get underway, here are some links to keep you occupied.


In an article breaking down several trade possibilities — including the superbly dumb idea that Dave Dombrowski might bring Miguel Cabrera to Boston floated by Alex Rodriguez — MLive’s Evan Woodbery wonders if the Tigers would package Michael Fulmer with a less appealing contract to both free up cash and obtain some prospects. I wonder what Woodbery is smoking. Fulmer currently sits at the No. 22 spot in FanGraphs trade value rankings, and I can see where teams would be interested in a lights out, front end starter with five years of team control. I just can’t see the Tigers getting rid of him.

The Colorado Rockies appear to be the latest in a slew of teams now linked to right fielder J.D. Martinez. Considering that the Rockies have more corner outfielders than they currently know what to do with, this would seem like an odd pairing. That said, Martinez in Denver would be something to watch. The Arizona Diamondbacks also emerged as a possible landing spot over the weekend.

MLB Trade Rumors considered what second basemen might be available at the deadline, and it will come as no surprise that Ian Kinsler is on the list. I’m not sure what the likelihood of this is. Considering second base probably isn’t a big deadline position, combined with Kinsler’s under-performance and no-trade clause, it seems less than likely that he’ll be going anywhere.

The Washington Nationals acquired pitchers Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle from the Oakland Athletics. As non-Tigers moves go, this one has some importance as it eliminated a likely partner for a Justin Wilson trade.

Alex Avila makes the dean’s list

Anthony Fenech handed out some mid-season grades for the Tigers infield, and the report card has more C’s and D’s than a Hooters calendar. The lone A — which was an A-minus, to be fair — was given to Alex Avila.

Old Friend’s Kid Alert

The son of former Tiger Hernan Perez is working on his game. He already has an 80 grade bat flip.

For Your Free Time

After watching him mow through Orioles batters like Arya Stark through house Frey, the Cubbies must be feeling pretty good about that Quintana trade today. In the “Our little baby’s all grown up” department, take a look at what BYB’s own @FIPmyWHIP is doing over at Beyond the Box Score with his latest article on the 90 mph changeup revolution. Pablo Sandoval is one of the biggest busts ever. The strike zone is changing. The baseball is juiced, but should we care? Grant Brisbee does Grant Brisbee things while writing about the Marlins home run sculpture. SB Nation’s Charlotte Wilder sat down with Marlins Man during the All-Star Game. A little something on the Tigers player development.

Baseball is Awesome

Korean baseball seems like a good time.