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Detroit Tigers News: The Tigers are serious about shedding salary

It doesn’t seem like the best idea, though.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

We’ve seen a number of rumored package deals from the Detroit Tigers floated around over the past couple weeks. Those include Alex Avila and Justin Verlander to the Cubs, Justin Wilson and Ian Kinsler to the Brewers, and Justin Wilson and Justin Verlander to the Astros. One trade rumor can be feint or misreported, but when you have three concurrent conversations going with different teams, it sure seems like it’s the strategy.

The general theory here is that the team is attempting to package a desirable player, like Avila or Wilson, with a huge salary (see: Verlander, Justin) to encourage the trading partner to absorb money. The problem is that just dumping salary does not seem very productive for the future.

The counter point would be that it would free up space immediately for the team to pursue other players. However, this team is in need of a massive overhaul. That means an extended timeline to acquire prospects to build your future around. Selling your best assets simply to dump salary seems like a misguided strategy at best.

I don’t buy this for a second

Where I draw the line is when Michael Fulmer is thrown around as salary relief bait. The New York Post had this theory on Tuesday, but there is no way the Tigers give up their best asset for some savings. Move along.

More on Justin Verlander

First, an extremely obvious update.

I’m not the one writing the checks, I’m just a guy that sees some attractive prospects. But maybe the team should throw a little money that way instead of just giving them additional players? And speaking of attractive prospects, hello Los Angeles!

You have to think Darvish would be much more realistic — he’s a pending free agent, after all — but it’s interesting that the Dodgers continue to be connected to Verlander. To be continued.

Your new favorite for AL MVP

With Aaron Judge fully participating in the Home Run Derby slump, Jose Altuve has reintroduced himself as the best second basemen in the game and an AL MVP front runner. All it took was hitting .500 for the entire month.

Altuve’s batting average is up to .365. More impressively, he is sporting an OPS of 1.005. He is hitting to all fields, has piled on 21 stolen bases, and I just realized he is only getting paid $4.5 million this year. Judge has the power numbers to put up a fight but if Altuve keeps the Astros afloat with both Carlos Correa and George Springer out, he is going to run away with the award.

For your free time

Miggy is going to be just fine thank you very much. Oh good, the Yankees checked in on Giancarlo Stanton. Anthony Rendon is back to being awesome. The Chicago White Sox traded someone else; this time it was Anthony Swarzak to the Brewers. This is an especially good baseball dog. Chicago Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras is the man.

Baseball is awesome

A run-scoring triple play? Yep. (via @mlb)

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