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Detroit Tigers News: Bruce Rondon’s beanball was stupid

Rondon had no reason to throw at Mike Moustakas on Wednesday.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at San Diego Padres
How irrelevant are the Tigers this year? There are no pictures of Bruce Rondon from Wednesday’s game.
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Trade rumors rule the roost around baseball in late July, especially when your team is performing as poorly as the Detroit Tigers are. However, despite their poor performance, there are still the occasional bits of on-field performance to talk about. Mikie Mahtook deserves mention for his recent hot streak, and his baserunning gaffe from Tuesday also warranted some air time. Justin Upton is also having a great season that no one is talking about.

Then there are incidents like the one we saw on Wednesday. For reasons we’re still not clear on — in part because he didn’t speak to the media after the game — Rondon hit Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas in the thigh with a fastball after Eric Hosmer put his team up 14-2 in the ninth inning. Tempers flared, benches cleared, and Rondon was ejected from the game.

There is no place in the game for what Rondon did. I’m anti-beanball in any situation, but even the stuffiest of Old Baseball Men will struggle to find where the Royals violated baseball’s sacred unwritten rules on Wednesday. Even Rondon’s teammates were willing to throw him under the bus.

I’m not advocating for any sort of public discipline on Rondon’s part (other than a short suspension, perhaps). The team doesn’t need to release him, and I certainly hope this isolated incident doesn’t progress into a beanball war the next time these two teams play. But I certainly don’t want to see him or another Tigers pitcher do it again.

And to those who are upset at the Royals for leaving their starters in? This isn’t football. There’s no two-deep roster. Kansas City only has 11 position players on their active roster, and the only one who didn’t appear in Wednesday’s game was starting catcher Salvador Perez, who is nursing a rib injury.

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The Colorado Rockies found some bullpen help in Pat Neshek, who they acquired on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles are unlikely to trade uber-closer Zach Britton. The Seattle Mariners are the latest team to show interest in A’s starter Sonny Gray. The Twins and Dodgers argued about a lineup for a long dang time. Phillies prospect J.P. Crawford hit an inside-the-park grand slam.

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