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The Tigers just shut the Yankees down on Twitter

Cold-hearted, just the way we like it.

As the countdown draws to a close on Final Vote candidates for the All-Star Game, teams are looking to get votes for their players any way they can. For the Yankees, hoping to get Didi Gregorius in, the ploy today appeared to be using division rivalries to get the AL Central teams to join forces against the Kansas City Royals, whose Mike Moustakas is in the running.

Not so surprisingly, none of the AL Central teams took the bait.

This request was more polite than the one they sent to the Indians and the White Sox.

The Twins were quick to deny the request.

And the Tigers quickly followed suit.

Looks like the Royals appreciated the #Midwest4life approach.

Basically, whoever you’re voting for, just say “no” to the Yankees.