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Gamethread 85: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians

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The last series before the break gets underway with the Tigers trying to figure out how to finally solve Carlos Carrasco.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Lineups


Ian Kinsler - 2B

Jason Kipnis - 2B

Alex Avila - C

Francisco Lindor - SS

Justin Upton - LF

Michael Brantley - LF

Miguel Cabrera - 1B

Edwin Encarnacion - 1B

J.D. Martinez - RF

Jose Ramirez - 3B

Victor Martinez - DH

Lonnie Chisenhall - RF
Nick Castellanos - 3B
Abraham Almonte - DH

Mikie Mahtook - CF

Bradley Zimmer - CF

Jose Iglesias - SS

Yan Gomes - C

Jordan Zimmermann - RHP

Carlos Carrasco - RHP