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Indians 11, Tigers 2: Is it the All-Star Break yet?

Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Tigers lost to the Indians, 11-2. You probably know that from the headline. But we repeat it, and they repeat it, eight games out of first and a half game above last. We repeat it when we write recaps while people pay less attention by the day.

This comes as no surprise to you, nor to me, nor to anyone paying remote attention, that this season is wasted. Concern over the lack of “a sense of urgency” is a mantra repeated by those who pretend that there is a reason to be urgent; there is not.

Jordan Zimmermann got his butt kicked. Again. Five runs on eight hits and a walk in three innings. The bullpen got its butt kicked, again. The Tigers got their butts kicked, again. Two runs on 10 hits.

What even is the point?


Victor Martinez — 2000th hit!


Jordan Zimmermann — The Indians scored five in the third inning off him. Ho hum.

Chad Bell — Three runs in two innings of relief, after the Tigers rallied to a three-run deficit.

Everyone — You know what, why am I parsing this thing down to individuals. Just. Everyone.

Stats and stuff

  • Victor Martinez recorded the 2000th hit of his career in the second inning. Of those, 900 were with the Indians and 880 with Detroit.
  • The Indians had 16 hits