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Look at James McCann’s grand slam

The Tigers jumped all over Jose Berrios and the Twins on Saturday.

Detroit Tigers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Back in May of 2016, Jose Berrios, the Minnesota Twins top pitching prospect, made his major league debut against the Detroit Tigers in Comerica Park. It went poorly. Berrios surrendered seven runs in the first inning and was quickly knocked out of the game. His opponent that night? Jordan Zimmermann. On Saturday, in a rematch between Berrios and Zimmermann, things didn’t go much better for the Twins.

With one run already in, and the bases loaded for James McCann in the first inning, this happened.

Berrios has had a nice campaign thus far this season. But he’s not having any fun against the Tigers. As for Mr. McCann, that was his second grand slam of the season as he continues to impress at the plate compared to season’s past.

Update: After Zimmermann came right back and gave up five runs to tie it in the third inning, this is resembling the “Brad Ausmus sweatshirt” game, more and more.