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Detroit Tigers news: Bruce Rondon got the demotion he deserved

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday I wrote that I was sick and tired of Bruce Rondon. It’s not just the lack of results, it’s the attitude that came with it — a man who didn’t learn from being sent home from the team early and who pulled off such an idiotic move in hitting Mike Moustakas with a pitch in July that the rest of his teammates distanced themselves from it. There’s no place for that as a professional.

On Monday, Free Press beat writer Anthony Fenech wrote his own piece, saying he thinks Rondon should be out of chances.

The Tigers have tried to send messages to Rondon over the years and were more hopeful than ever that he had turned the corner after posting a reliable 2.97 and 0.96 WHIP last season. But this spring training, he showed up to Lakeland, Fla., looking the same, still too heavy and pitching without enough urgency with a set-up role there for the taking. Still, he was rewarded with the role and just a week into the season was the first domino to fall in a bad bullpen.

Of course, manager Brad Ausmus — who threw Rondon in the eighth inning following the Moose incident only to have Rondon implode that game, too — say it’s about consistency. Maybe it should be about more than just that.

It would be nice if the Tigers held their players to higher standards. But this is the team that traded for Alfredo Simon and Francisco Rodriguez. So it’s apparent they’re not looking for high-quality people to represent the franchise either.

Hopefully that changes.

The Tigers are still worth watching

Ashley gave five reasons the Tigers are worth watching. Maybe the team will even cooperate with a few of them!

Tigers notes: James McCann making adjustments

James McCann shortened his swing. ... Miguel Cabrera’s back pain kept him out of the lineup. (Injuries are taking a toll, Ashley says) ... Daniel Norris will make a rehab start today. ...

MLB news: Chad Bettis’ emotional return to Denver

The Rockies Chad Bettis returned to the team following cancer treatment and found the perfect song. ... Derek Jeter isn’t just bad at shortstop, he’s back at decision-making, too — so Grand Brisbee is devastated about the possibility Jeter would remove the Marlins home run statue. ... Which would be awful, because Giancarlo Stanton can’t stop hitting dingers.

Baseball is awesome

Rafael Devers hit a 103 MPH pitch by Aroldis Chapman into the stands! (Sunday, but whatever. It’s awesome)