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Detroit Tigers News: It’s not safe out there for the Tigers

As the season grinds painfully on, one particular trend continues unabated.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 Detroit Tigers are a competitive team in Comerica Park. The offense gets loose. The defense is sharp. The pitching is major league quality. Yet every time they take to the road, they just seem to fall apart.

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News investigated, looking to the team for answers. Of course, no can explain it. There probably is no explanation, but for a team that has a 122-120 road record over the previous three seasons, it’s odd. They’ve doomed their chances far from home this season.

Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports seems to write this article every week, but he reported again on Wednesday that Justin Verlander talks have resumed between the Houston Astros and the Tigers. Verlander gave a longer than usual series of comments describing his feelings on the matter. And of course they’re general enough that people can emphasize anything they want. He wants to win, but he also doesn’t feel the Tigers’ core is going anywhere, and still believes they can turn the ship around next season. Jeff Seidel of the Free Press takes a lot at one of the key weaknesses this season, one Miguel Cabrera, and wonders if he’s had the most disappointing season in baseball this year. The short version is duh.

Meanwhile the Tigers are keeping up appearances by getting their butts kicked in Texas. At least somebody had a good time Wednesday night.

Jered Weaver retired but let’s remember the good times we had

So, he’s finally gone. Didn’t realize he was still pitching to tell you the truth. He of the 86 mile per hour fastball and, well, that face. But let’s not dwell on what might have been for Weaver. Let’s instead dwell on what was. Everybody remember a certain game, when a certain hot-headed starting pitcher barked at a hobbled Magglio Ordonez to run faster after a home run? OK. Here you go.

And we all remember what happened next.

Good riddance.

When ceremonial pitches go wrong

Sorry, but I had to. He was hit in the beans, you see.

Around the horn

Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs took a look at the sticky factors that best indicate a lasting breakout. Eno Sarris looked at Corey Dickerson and the rest of the best bad-ball hitters this season. Jonathan Bernhardt of FanRagSports examined the chase for the American League wild card spots. Meanwhile Michael Baumann ponders whether Giancarlo Stanton’s monstrous summer of dingers heralds just a great season, or a long reign as the most dangerous hitter in the game. Also at issue is whether that story will play out in Miami or not.

Baseball is awesome

Don't mind if I do.

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