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Detroit Tigers News: Joe Jimenez’s velocity drop is concerning

Just assume every outcome is positive.

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the Tigers having lost 10 out of their last 12 games and anticipating the unstoppable Los Angeles Dodgers, it seemed like an appropriate time to ask the question: Are you rooting for losses and a better draft pick down the stretch, or are you scratching out every win you can for the sake of pride and fandom?

Both sides have merit. You can play the optimist and hope that the young guys show something down the stretch and the veterans hold the team together. And Mikie Mahtook has been fun, right? As the Chicago Cubs had perfected, there is always next year.

Or you can be a pessimist and root for losses and the draft pick. No one will blame you for understanding sunk costs and cutting to the chase. As they say, pessimists are either always right or pleasantly surprised.

However, the best way to look at it is a win-win. If the team gets a victory, great! We get the thrill of a W and some quality baseball. If the team loses, also great! We improve that draft stock for the future. And something we can all agree on is rooting for the health of the team. Miguel Cabrera is clearly injured and the starting pitcher has been beyond fragile. Let’s just get through 2017 and do a full reset.

Root for Michigan

Well, Game 1 for Grosse Pointe in the Little League World Series did not go as planned for Michigan, but that Texas team appears to be a buzz saw. I implore all of our readers to get behind the team for Saturday’s showdown with New Jersey. We could all use some winning in our life right now and the LLWS is a blast.

Also root for this scenario

Oh, more bad news you say?

Joe Jimenez, the Tigers’ young flame throwing reliever, saw an unexpected drop in his velocity Wednesday night. Considering he was one of the only exciting distractions left in this cursed season, it only makes sense. The team noted that he does not have a reported injury but a 3 mph drop in velocity is troubling. Here’s hoping he was just working on his command.

Miguel Cabrera has been bad, part 1,453

In this installment, we have ESPN naming Miggy to their “All-Disappointment Team.” There wasn’t any new material here other than the fact that his WAR is sitting at zero, which I had not checked recently. Miguel Cabrera and replacement player simply do not belong in the same sentence.

Tigers giving back

Some of the teams’ players are teaming up with Topps to create limited edition signed baseball cards for charity. The players will match whatever money is raised by the selling of the cards. You can find confirmed participants and their charities here.

For your free time

The Tigers’ second baseman of the future is Dawel Lugo, and Evan Woodberry provides a great write up on his crash course in Double-A Erie. Fangraphs has updated their top 100 prospects. Hi, Matt Manning. They also have an interesting read on Tigers’ prospect Anthony Castro on the situation in Venezuela. Cleveland’s starting pitching is so hot right now. Umpires are having a tough week.

Baseball is awesome (but the NL should consider implementing the DH)