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Detroit Tigers News: MLB umpires protested Ian Kinsler’s comments

The Angel Hernandez saga continues...

Los Angeles Dodgers v Detroit Tigers
Because Daniel Stumpf isn’t ever going to be the feature photo on anything else
Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

As this mediocre 2017 campaign continues to march onward to a merciful September demise, wins are something we haven’t come to expect. That said, Michael Fulmer pitched a solid game on Saturday, and Justin Verlander gave us a gem on Sunday to avoid complete embarrassment in the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Taking the ump show to the next level

Meanwhile, a group of butthurt umpires wore white arm bands to express their displeasure with the fact that second baseman Ian Kinsler didn’t get suspended for his remarks about umpire Angel Hernandez. Manager Brad Ausmus had Kinsler’s back, as he should.

This is silly. Kinsler had a legitimate gripe and was punished for voicing it. Angel Hernandez is still a bad umpire. Let’s move on, and please bring me the robot umpires.

Upton not opting out, yet

Left fielder Justin Upton continues to have a career year. He continues to maintain that he is not going to opt out. At least, not yet.

A need for speed

There seem to be some concerned parties when it comes to a recent dip in Joe Jimenez’s fastball velocity. Jimenez isn’t one of those parties. While he has lost some velocity, Jimenez maintains that everything feels fine.

While we’re talking about Tigers pitching, I might as well drop in this quick reminder.

The bewildering journey of Anibal Sanchez continues with his latest trip to the disabled list. Let’s hope his ability to pitch effectively recovers along with the hamstring.

Additionally, Daniel Norris has started his rehab assignment, and pitched a bullpen session on Friday that he said was the best he’s thrown in a long time.

A closer look at the farm

Minor League Ball took an in-depth look at Tigers prospect Christin Stewart. It’s a pretty good breakdown of his swing with some video. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the biggest concern with Stewart appears to be his defense.

Just a bit outside

After Justin Smoak walked one off, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Ryan Tepera had a little trouble locating his Gatorade bath. He probably should have warmed up in the bullpen a bit longer.

For your free time

The New York Yankees paid a big fat pile of cash for reliever Aroldis Chapman. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. High school draftees are now permitted to hire agents. Is the double wild card format working? The story of Boston Red Sox owner Thomas Yawkey and integration. The last baseball glove manufacturer in the United States.

Baseball is awesome

The Little League World Series knows defense.