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Yankees 10, Tigers 2: Jordan Zimmermann clobbered again

With nearly 40 games left, this team is out of gas.

MLB: New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander, nor Micheal Fulmer, started in this one, so you knew what to expect. The Yankees didn’t disappoint, landing knockout blows in the third and cruising to a 10-2 victory on Wednesday.

Jordan Zimmermann gave up a Gary Sanchez solo shot in the first inning, and then with two on, Sanchez came up again in the third and dumped a two run single in centerfield that made it 3-0. An Aaron Judge double and then a single from Aaron Hicks plated another pair of runs, and the Yankees were off the races. Zimmermann hung in there through five, wrapping up another brutal outing by surrendering a solo shot to Didi Gregorius that made it 7-0.

Ian Kinsler hit his 13th home run in the bottom of the sixth, while Chase Headley hit a solo shot in the top of the seventh. Jose Iglesias homered late as well, but the game was pretty much over by around 8:30. Convenient for those poor fans attending who have to work in the morning. Thoughtful of the Tigers, really.

The only other takeaway from this game is that Luis Severino is really good. Anyway...


Ian Kinsler: Ok, a home run, you get a roar.

Jose Iglesias: Hey, a home run, you get one as well.


Jordan Zimmermann: Yeah this isn’t working out. Poor location, poor depth on his slider, and a lot of hard contact again. No strikeouts.

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I’ve got nothing to offer right here. Your team is bad. My team is bad. But, as Leonard Cohen would’ve told you, Everybody Knows.

Ok, there is this I suppose. Dueling reporters.