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Victor Martinez, Justin Verlander get heated in Tigers’ dugout

There was fighting on the field Thursday at Comerica Park. More than once. But there was a little bickering that went on inside the Tigers’ clubhouse, too, with Victor Martinez and Justin Verlander.

Cameras caught the action, though it’s unclear what led to it or what was said:

This happened in the seventh inning after Yankees reliever Dellin Betances hit James McCann in the head. Verlander appeared to want to fight Betances when both teams took the field. The fracas occurred in the dugout after.

There was some thought that Verlander had given Martinez the bird before walking away, but close examination shows that only an index finger to the nose occurred. However, Nicholas Castellanos had to hold Martinez back, and several members of the Tigers’ coaching staff had to get in the middle of it.

Still, it’s not a good look when teammates are fighting with each other rather than the opposing team.