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Detroit Tigers news: Tigers and Yankees brawl edition

Fisticuffs galore!

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Well, the team may be 16 games under .500. but at least they supplied some excitement on Thursday. That’s when Miguel Cabrera took out five months of frustration on Austin Romine’s face.

The tension had been building since some bean ball took place in Yankee Stadium back in July. Add in two insulting losses to thoroughly frustrate the Detroit Tigers and a baseball behind the back of Cabrera’s back and you could have predicted some fireworks.

And fireworks there were. Cabrera, who is absolutely sick of it — all of it — decided enough was enough and started throwing hands. I’m not in favor of solving differences through violence, but I am in favor of this team showing they still give a rip. That and Miggy needed the time off anyway. Good excuse to rest him.

Anddd then it continued...

Usually a basebrawl is a singular occurrence that settles the game down. That decidedly did not happen. The next inning Dellin Betances went head hunting on James McCann, prompting another bench clearing and luckily no serious injuries. A suspension will be incoming for that act of idiocy. Next, the Tigers, eager to erase any good will they had, extended the feud when Alex Wilson beaned perennial nice guy Todd Frazier. More bench clearings, more ejections.

At least the team won and hopefully sabotaged the New York Yankees with suspensions. And James McCann got a revenge with a BOMB in the eighth. But, at no point in the rambling, incoherent game was anyone even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this website is now dumber for having watched it. I award the team one win, and may God have mercy on their soul.

Well this is awkward

Probably not the most enjoyable day for Andrew Romine, who watched in horror as his teammate and brother exchanged blows. I would pay a lot of money to hear the next conversation between the Romines.

Gary Sanchez is now enemy No. 1

And not because he had four home runs in three games against the Tigers. It’s because he is a cheap shot artist of the worst kind. First, some well-placed shots to Miguel Cabrera’s injured back while he was being held down.

And then a sucker punch to Castellanos’ face while he was on the ground (good use of the pointer finger, Dallas).

He was inexplicably allowed to stay in the game and even tied it up in the seventh but should face a lengthy suspension for that nonsense. At least we all have another team to hate. If the Tigers are going to be bad I want to ruin as many seasons as possible.

2017 in a nutshell

That was after Martinez was standing with Sanchez after the brawl. The assumption is they were discussing the cheap shots. We could all use the offseason.

For your free time

Lost in the madness of the game was a Justin Upton robbery. Joe Girardi calls out the Tigers, officials, and Brad Ausmus after the game, conveniently forgets that his player threw a 98 mph fastball at an opposing player’s head. Someone else got hurt on the Mets. Amazing GIF of a home run hit right at the camera at Tropicana Field.

Baseball is awesome