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Miguel Cabrera suspended 7 games following Yankees brawl

Alex Wilson and Brad Ausmus also netted suspensions for Thursday’s intentional beanball

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The suspensions were an inevitability following the Thursday fracas at Comerica, where eight ejections were collected between two teams, and there were enough hit by pitches to fill an entire season. Tempers flared, fists were thrown, and at the end of the day it wasn’t a particularly positive game of baseball fans got to witness.

It was a game that garnered worldwide media attention however, with clips being shared on Canada’s CBC News, and NPR dedicating time to discussing the antics. As far as baseball fights go, three bench-clearing brawls in a single game is enough to warrant some headlines.

And with the dangerous behavior exhibited by players, it came as no surprise that fines and suspensions were handed down liberally, allowing the MLB to demonstrate this behavior was not something it condones or endorses. Given how frank some of the players — specifically pitcher Alex Wilson — were about the intent behind their throws, officials needed to make examples of the men involved.

Suspensions ranged from one to seven days — something that will hurt the Yankees far more than the Tigers this close to September — and fines were issued to all suspended players, and others, but their value was not revealed.


Miguel Cabrera - Suspended seven games “for inciting the first bench-clearing incident and fighting.”

Alex Wilson - Suspended four games “for intentionally throwing a pitch at Todd Frazier.”

Brad Ausmus - one-game suspension “for the intentional actions of Wilson while warnings were in place.”


Gary Sanchez - Suspended four games “for fighting, including throwing punches.”

Austin Romine - Suspended two games “for fighting, including throwing punches.”

Clint Frazier & Garrett Cooper - fined for entering the field while being on the disabled list.

No suspensions were issued for Joe Girardi, Rob Thomson, Brett Gardner, Tommy Kahnle, or Jose Iglesias. Iglesias, however, did receive a fine as did all the others.

At this time, no representatives for the players have announced their plans to appeal these decisions, but it’s likely many of them will appeal for reduced suspension time. Unless appealed, the suspensions will begin effective tonight. Ausmus’ suspension will be served the same day as Alex Wilson’s, should Wilson elect to appeal.

Updated: Cabrera and Wilson will both be appealing.