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Mikie Mahtook and Michael Fulmer have an adorable new ritual


MLB: Detroit Tigers at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers are no strangers to fun in-game antics. There was the Prince Fielder-era “Suit and Tie” bit, and a complicated high-five routine between Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. Then there was the “Goggles On” phase, where players would mimic donning their postseason champagne goggles.

Apparently now, the new dugout trend is booping.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a “boop” is a gentle poke on the nose. If done properly, the booper should announce “Boop!” when performing the poke.

It would appear Michael Fulmer and Mikie Mahtook have brought this routine into the game. It started with this move from Mahtook. Note that he does, indeed, announce his boop-tentions.


And later in the game, after Mahtook knocked in a two-run blast, he met Fulmer in the dugout and diligently waited for the return boop. Note the pause.

This might be the most adorably ridiculous thing to ever come out of the Tigers dugout, and we hope it never stops.