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MLB trade rumors: Tigers still open to trading Justin Verlander

Shane Greene and Alex Wilson are also being discussed.

Detroit Tigers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Justin Upton trade may have been just the tip of the iceberg for the Detroit Tigers as far as the next waiver trade deadline goes. With midnight Thursday, August 31 being the deadline to add players to playoff-contending rosters, there will be a lot of moves made in the coming hours, and many of them may circulate in the Tigers’ camp.

Upton evidently agreed to be moved in order to avoid the process of playing through the rebuild — he would have opted out of his contract after the season anyway — and with that revelation and the Tigers’ subsequent move to trade him, the floodgates are now open. The rebuild, once thought to potentially be a gradual process, is now in full swing.

Jon Morosi has reported that in addition to the constantly circulated name of Justin Verlander there are two other surprising contenders being discussed ahead of the deadline.

Verlander, who has been linked all season to the Astros, recently sparked new rumors about a mystery team showing interest. He’s also given the indication in interviews lately that while he will always play to win while in a Tigers jersey, there are certain dreams he’s had that he would still like to see become a reality. Dreams like a World Series ring.

Now Justin Upton has moved on to the Los Angeles Angels who will be playing for an AL Wild Card spot, and Verlander may soon find himself at home on a different playoff contender.

Greene and Wilson are names that hadn’t been widely discussed as trade options before today, but given Greene’s recent performance in the closer role, and Wilson’s general relief quality, any playoff team looking to bolster their 2017 bullpen would be lucky to get them.

The next several hours will prove to be very interesting for the Tigers, and the team that takes the field for a double-header on Friday may look very different than what we have come to expect.