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Detroit Tigers News: Miguel Cabrera, a microcosm of 2017

It’s been bad.

Detroit Tigers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Miggy’s lost season

2017 has been a lost season for the Tigers as a whole, but no one exemplifies the struggles more than Miguel Cabrera. His batting average is 60 points below his career average, his slugging is 140 points off, and his OPS is a terrible 200 points below. He’s not hitting for power or average and has been pull heavy, which is never a good sign for Cabrera. On top of that, he’s not hitting on the road and, as George Sipple of the Free Press points out, his road splits are especially dismal. All in and all, this is not the Miggy that we are accustomed to seeing.

There are numerous reasons for the output. Cabrera outlined his own struggles with his mechanics and seeing the ball. He simply hasn’t found the rhythm or seen the pitches well enough in 2017.

Additionally, Cameron here at BYB wrote a great article on the other two likely factors, injuries and mental fatigue. Cabrera simply hasn’t looked right for most of the year, shortening his swing and lacking power. And it’s tough to measure what he is going through mentally with the political chaos in his home country.

Hopefully he turns it around and gains some momentum going into 2018, but at the very least let’s hope he heals up.

Jeimer Candelario is here, kind of

With Jose Iglesias’ bereavement lasting only a couple days, it remains to be seen how many at bats that Jeimer Candelario will get in the bigs. But that doesn’t really matter when they place your locker this well:

Then he got to the clubhouse Monday, newest Tiger Jeimer Candelario quickly texted one of his oldest friends.

“I’m here with Detroit,” he texted. “I’m right next to Miggy.”

That would be the first thing I did too. The friend he texted in the article is actually Robinson Cano, so Candelario has some good connections already. If he doesn’t get much of a shot this time around, look for him in September. He will be back.

Prospects, still raking

As Ron mentioned yesterday in his wrap up, Cam Gibson had himself a day, going five-for-five with a cycle. caught up with him after the mashing and provided a delightful interview.

Yesterday, it was newly acquired Isaac Paredes’ turn as he went 4-for-6 with two home runs and four RBIs. Paredes has impressed in West Michigan and looks to be the jewel of the trade deadline haul so far.

The Dodgers chasing greatness

For your free time

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Baseball is awesome