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Tigers’ uniforms for Players’ Weekend unveiled

These are sensational.

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Sorry about your wallets, guys, but these Players’ Weekend jerseys and caps are amazing.

This year marks the inaugural “Players Weekend” on August 25-27, in which players get to sport the fun, almost Little League inspired jerseys, which they were allowed to customize with a nickname of their choice. It’s nice to see the whole team embracing the nicknames with some obvious choices (“JZ” and “JV”? Come on guys) and a few more fun options (I see you “Fulm Piece” Fulmer and “Night Hawk” Mahtook).

The Little League vibe isn’t accidental. After the weekend game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation that helps get baseball and softball programs to areas where they’re most needed in the U.S. and Canada.

Additionally, each player will sport a sleeve patch bearing the name of someone who helped get them where they are in their careers, be it a parent, friend, or coach.

This will be the first time players have been able to show some personality with naming options, and from a historical perspective, will be the first time ever the New York Yankees have had names on the back of their jerseys. Look forward to seeing these mixed with the brightest shoes ever seen on human feet, and hopefully worn by players have a ton of fun.

The uniforms are bright, charming, and begging to be purchased by fans.

The jersey fronts are relatively simple:

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Here’s a better look at the shirsey options:

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And here are the caps:

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And the socks that will be worn by all teams:

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Not sure which name is which? Don’t look up the numbers, we got you. Here’s a highlight list (thanks Jason Beck).

Miguel Cabrera: "MIGGY"

Justin Verlander: "JV" (duh)

Justin Upton: "J-UP"

Ian Kinsler: "BOOTSIE"

Jose Iglesias: "CANDELITA"

Victor Martinez: "PAPICHO"

Mikie Mahtook: "NIGHT HAWK"

Brad Ausmus: "AUS"

Andrew Romine: "ROBOMB"

Anibal Sanchez: "SANCHIE"

The apparel is all available from the Tigers shop, including shirsey versions for each player, the caps, and the socks they’ll be sporting for the game. Are any of these must-buy items for you?