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Ian Kinsler: ‘The game doesn’t stop. There’s a whole month left’

The Tigers’ second baseman spoke to the media prior to the game Friday afternoon

Video: Fox 2

As we all know by now, the Detroit Tigers traded their long-time ace Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros late Thursday night, and their star outfielder Justin Upton to the Los Angeles Angels Thursday afternoon. Verlander and Upton had planes to catch, so they haven’t spoken to the media since their respective trades were finalized. Ian Kinsler gave a good interview, though.

Kinsler on losing teammates:

I’m not losing him — he’s just not part of this team. He didn’t die. Not so sober. (laughs) Yeah it’s tough, anytime you lose a teammate -- someone that’s a big part of the team as Justin and Justin and Justin were, you know it’s a tough situation. But we have two games today, so you’ve got to erase it quickly.

On the team being less competitive:

No it doesn’t (make the team less competitive).

It’s whoever plays the best that day. It doesn’t matter who’s on paper or any of that — it’s who plays the best.

Regardless of who has the ball, or who’s hitting third, or who’s hitting fourth, there’s still a major league game to be played. Obviously it’s a different situation in here, we all know that, but there’s still a game to be played, there’s still pitches to be thrown, there’s still outs to get. The game doesn’t stop. There’s a whole month left of games. As far as being competitive, we don’t lose that. We don’t lose sight of being competitive. We’re still competitive people by nature and we’re going to do what it takes to try to win the game today.