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Justin Verlander says goodbye to Tigers fans

He’s excited for the future.

If you thought you had gotten your emotions under control, it’s time to grab more tissues, because Justin Verlander has released his farewell video, and it’s a heartbreaker.

In the short clip, Verlander discusses how hard the decision was for him when it came time to accept or decline the trade. He recalls how things were in Detroit back in 2006, and how he hopes that same feeling of hope and rebuilding will follow him to Houston. He knows he’s arriving in the city in a time of turmoil, and in the note at the bottom of the video mentions he will expand his charity efforts to aid Houston.

Most of all he talks about how hopeful he is for his future with the Astros, and how excited he is to be joining a new team, while assuring Detroit fans he will miss them all. It’s a heartfelt video most have been waiting all day to see, and Verlander makes it known that there was nothing easy about his choice to leave.

Watch the complete video from his Instagram below.