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Former Tigers watch: J.D. Martinez hit 2 more home runs for the Diamondbacks

Martinez and Robbie Ray helped the D’Backs extend their Wild Card lead.

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

With the Detroit Tigers struggling something fierce as we head down the stretch, we Tigers fans need something else to entertain ourselves. The minor league season is over and we don’t want to watch football, so we’re turning to the next best thing: other baseball. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be checking in on our old friends as they make a push towards the 2017 postseason (now with standings!).

Arizona Diamondbacks 3, San Diego Padres 2 (box)

J.D. Martinez hit two more home runs, and Robbie Ray had another great start with double digit strikeouts. Ho hum.

Martinez: 2-4, 2 HR, 2 R, 2 RBI, 2 SO
Ray: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 12 SO

Oakland Athletics 10, Houston Astros 2 (box)

Dallas Keuchel struggled in the middle innings, and the Astros bullpen fell apart late. Good thing they traded for another ace to take stress off that ‘pen, huh?

Maybin: 0-2

Los Angeles Angels 5, Seattle Mariners 3 (box)

Justin Upton hit a go-ahead two-run double in the eighth inning to put Los Angeles ahead for good. They are one game back in the AL Wild Card race.

Upton: 1-4, 2B, R, 2 RBI, SO

Milwaukee Brewers 3, Chicago Cubs 1 (box)

The Brewers swept the Cubs over the weekend to move within two games in the NL Central race.

Avila: 0-1


AL Wild Card Race: 9-10-17

Team Wins Losses GB
Team Wins Losses GB
New York Yankees 77 65 -3.5
Minnesota Twins 74 69 -
Los Angeles Angels 73 70 1.0
Kansas City Royals 71 71 2.5
Texas Rangers 71 71 2.5
Baltimore Orioles 71 72 3.0
Seattle Mariners 71 72 3.0
Tampa Bay Rays 71 73 3.5

New York Yankees 16, Texas Rangers 7 (box)

Holy dingers, Batman! Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez hit two dongs apiece to move the Yankees 3 12 games ahead in the AL Wild Card race.

Cleveland Indians 3, Baltimore Orioles 2 (box)

Smile if you’ve won 18 games in a row.

Tampa Bay Rays 4, Boston Red Sox 1 (box)

Rick Porcello has lost 17 games this season because the baseball gods know who really should have won the Cy Young Award last year.

Kansas City Royals 11, Minnesota Twins 3 (box)

Here’s hoping the Twins get buried by their AL Central rivals down the stretch to miss the postseason. Screw the Twins.


NL Wild Card Race: 9-10-17

Team Wins Losses GB
Team Wins Losses GB
Arizona Diamondbacks 83 60 -5.0
Colorado Rockies 78 65 -
Milwaukee Brewers 75 68 3.0
St. Louis Cardinals 75 68 3.0

Washington Nationals 3, Philadelphia Phillies 2 (box)

Congratulations to the Nationals for clinching their third NLDS loss in four years.

Colorado Rockies 8, Los Angeles Dodgers 1 (box)

The Dodgers have lost 10 straight games this year, something the Tigers have not done this year. Ergo, the Tigers should get the Dodgers’ playoff spot.

St. Louis Cardinals 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 0 (box)

The Cardinals are just two games back in the NL Central race because they are unkillable zombies who will eventually destroy us all.

Cincinnati Reds 10, New York Mets 5 (box)

You want to root for the Reds right now, who are currently Detroit’s closest “competition” for the No. 4 pick in next year’s MLB draft.

Atlanta Braves 10, Miami Marlins 8 (F/11) (box)

This game was 6-5 entering the ninth inning. Madness ensued. Mike Aviles played second base.

Chicago White Sox 8, San Francisco Giants 1 (box)

If two last place teams play a game in September but nobody watched, did it really happen?