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Detroit Tigers News: Don’t pitch Jordan Zimmermann

But they probably will

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Last Wednesday, Jordan Zimmermann received a neck injection to relieve pain he had been experiencing during his last two starts. He missed two months last season with the same issue and had an injection in the offseason to repair a blocked nerve. Despite all of this, he wants to pitch again in 2017.

He should not do that.

This goes beyond the fact that he has the highest ERA of any qualified pitcher in the league. The Tigers already ran Michael Fulmer out there in meaningless games before his surgery this past week. They should not make the same mistake with Zimmermann.

Brad Ausmus positioned that Zimmermann gets paid to pitch, and should pitch if he is able. But the risk of aggravating an injury for absolutely no gain is a non-starter. The Tigers should sit him down and allow him all offseason to heal.

Will this happen? Probably not. Zimmermann is set on pitching and it appears the team is ready to allow him. Let’s just hope this doesn’t get any worse.

Speaking of injured pitchers

Michael Fulmer’s surgery was successful and will hopefully take care of the numbness he has been experiencing for most of his career. The recovery will take three to four months. We wish him well.

We miss you J.D.

Losing number 20

The only part that upsets me about losing Wednesday night is that the schedule worked out the way it did. The Indians are going to beat the Tigers nine times out of ten at this point. It’s just unfortunate that the team is probably going to end up on all the highlights for this record. Help us Buck Farmer, you’re our only hope.

This should go well

The 2018 schedule is out if you would like to see where the team will be when it loses various games. Games against the Cubs for the 4th of July and in New York for labor day could make fun trips. The team opens with Pittsburgh on March 29th which is very weird in many ways.

Around the horn

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Baseball is awesome

The Tigers’ 2017: