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Former Tigers watch: J.D. Martinez hit yet another home run for the Diamondbacks

It’s getting a little ridiculous at this point.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

With the Detroit Tigers struggling something fierce as we head down the stretch, we Tigers fans need something else to entertain ourselves. The minor league season is over and we don’t want to watch football, so we’re turning to the next best thing: other baseball. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be checking in on our old friends as they make a push towards the 2017 postseason (now with standings!).

Arizona Diamondbacks 7, Colorado Rockies 0 (box)

J.D. Martinez hit another home run for the D’Backs, and Zack Godley worked eight shutout innings for his eighth win of the year. Martinez is now slugging .736 in a Diamondbacks uniform, which is equal to Miguel Cabrera’s OPS this year. This season sucks.

Martinez: 2-4, HR, 2 R, RBI

Chicago Cubs 14, New York Mets 6 (box)

Alex Avila walked, struck out, and scored a run in two at-bats, which is the most Alex Avila line possible. He has a .788 OPS since joining the Cubs, who now have a three-game lead on their NL Central competition.

Avila: 1-2, R, BB, SO

Houston Astros 5, Los Angeles Angels 2 (box)

Justin Upton went 0-for-3 with a walk and a strikeout in the Angels’ loss. They have picked the wrong time to get cold, and are now three games out of the AL Wild Card race.

Upton: 0-3, BB, SO, SB


AL Wild Card Race: 9-14-17

Team Wins Losses GB
Team Wins Losses GB
New York Yankees 80 66 -3.0
Minnesota Twins 77 69 -
Los Angeles Angels 74 72 3.0
Seattle Mariners 74 73 3.5
Kansas City Royals 72 74 5.0
Texas Rangers 72 74 5.0
Baltimore Orioles 72 75 5.5
Tampa Bay Rays 72 75 5.5

Cleveland Indians 3, Kansas City Royals 2 (F/10) (box)

The Indians are never going to lose again. This is fact.

New York Yankees 13, Baltimore Orioles 5 (box)

Hey, there’s the Orioles pitching staff we know! Also, don’t sleep on the Yankees, who are just three games out of the AL East race.

Boston Red Sox 6, Oakland Athletics 2 (box)

It took a few innings but the Red Sox finally realized “Oh yeah we’re playing the A’s lol” and they pulled away for an easy win.

Seattle Mariners 10, Texas Rangers 4 (box)

The Andrew Cashner signing that some people laughed about over the winter has gone well for the Rangers. It didn’t in this game, though.

Minnesota Twins 3, Toronto Blue Jays 2 (box)

The Twins are pulling away from the rest of the AL Wild Card pack in the most Twins way possible, which will make it all the worse when they lose to New York in yet another playoff situation.


NL Wild Card Race: 9-14-17

Team Wins Losses GB
Team Wins Losses GB
Arizona Diamondbacks 85 62 -5.0
Colorado Rockies 80 67 -
Milwaukee Brewers 77 69 2.5
St. Louis Cardinals 77 69 2.5

St. Louis Cardinals 5, Cincinnati Reds 2 (box)

If you watched this game, shame on you.

Washington Nationals 5, Atlanta Braves 2 (box)

If you watched this game, shame on you.

Philadelphia Phillies 10, Miami Marlins 0 (box)

If you watched this game, seek medical attention immediately.