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Detroit Tigers News: Matt Boyd almost threw a no-hitter

Boyd came close, and Brad Ausmus didn’t have much patience for post-game questions.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Tim Anderson threw paper
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

While most people were likely watching some mediocre football being played on Sunday, Matt Boyd came one out away from greatness. Boyd carried a no-hitter all the way up until the final out of the ninth inning, when Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson reached out and turned a low-and-away changeup into a double into right center field because the 2017 Detroit Tigers and their fans are not allowed to have nice things.

The post-game press conference found manager Brad Ausmus in a sour mood, as he was being asked questions about why Nicholas Castellanos was still in right field at the end of the game.

It wasn’t an unreasonable question, but if you think there was a human being on the Detroit roster that would have run that Anderson hit down, I’d love to hear who. Castellanos had just as much of a chance to reach that ball as I would have in that position [Ed. We give Nick crap for his baserunning but he’s probably faster than John.].

Needful things

In the latest installment of the MLB Trade Rumors “Three Needs” series, Jeff Todd addresses the Tigers. You probably aren’t going to like them. First on the list is trading Ian Kinsler. Second is listening on Michael Fulmer, and the third “need” is to not be afraid to lose. I wouldn’t worry too much about that one, though. It’s something everyone has fully embraced.

Things to toss around

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News dropped a general pitching update. The broad strokes are that Michael Fulmer’s surgery was a success, and that the player to be named later in the Justin Upton deal is a young hurler named Elvin Rodriquez. Rodriquez was the 22nd ranked prospect in the Angels’ farm system according to Additionally, there is a possibility that Daniel Norris gets a shot at another start before the season is over.

From the office of pointless investigations

Because they apparently have too much free time on their hands and conspiracy-theory-level imaginations, the league decided that it was imperative that an investigation be made into the Buck Farmer pitch that somehow found its way under the left shoulder of umpire Quinn Wolcott. The league has issued their conclusion, and I’ll give you one guess as to what the result was. I have conducted my own investigation into the investigation and have determined it was dumb.

The free agent bonanza

FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman issued his list of the top 25 offseason free agents. Much to the chagrin of many a baseball fan, J.D. Martinez was not at the top of the list (still miss you, bro). That transgression aside, it’s an interesting list and shows what a deep free agent market we can expect this year.

Around the horn

Mike Zunino and expectations. Should Major League Baseball invest in college scholarships? Major League baseball and front office diversity. The baseball theory of relativity.

Baseball is awesome

If you were looking for someone who could have saved Matt Boyd’s no-hitter, I think I know a guy.