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Detroit Tigers News: A fitting end for Anibal Sanchez

Remember the good times.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, with what will be his last start in Comerica Park, Anibal Sanchez put together a vintage performance, allowing one run and striking out eight. In the end he was assigned a loss, but it will stand as one last reminder of his pitching acumen.

It’s easy to forget how good Sanchez was for the Tigers. This is a player that won 46 games for the team, ended fourth in the Cy Young voting in 2013, won big playoff games and was an important cog during the Tigers recent run.

Things got bad quickly. Balls began exiting the park at an alarming rate, and Sanchez has been a shell of himself for two and half years. But he took responsibility for his struggles, handled the adversity with grace, and even accepted a demotion to the minors.

Fans have a right to be frustrated with the final outcome of Anibal’s contract. But the past is the past at this point. As the Tigers turn the page to rebuilding, let’s remember the good times that these players delivered. Thank you Anibal, and we wish you success and a new contract next year.

Ian Kinsler Update

On Tuesday, Jon Morosi provided some insight on what the next steps will be for Ian Kinsler. Mainly that Kinsler’s willingness to waive his no-trade clause will revolve around what he hears about the Tigers off season plans, a conversation I have simulated for you below:

Avila: “Well Ian, the plan is to suck. Terribly. Not quite 2003 sucking, but close to 2003 sucking.”

Kinsler: OoooooK. Yeah, send me wherever.

Kinsler also admitted that “his focus drifted amid losing in ‘17.” And while his entire job should revolve around staying focused, we all watched this season. How could you stay focused when the entire core of the team was involved in trade talks. No one cares more than Ian Kinsler; he gets a pass.

Brad Ausmus update

Definitely being let go.

This isn’t surprising or something that Al Avila would keep Brad on the dark on. It’s been decided.

Victor Martinez update

Possibly being let go?

That is not great. Probably deserves an asterisk as we was clearly hurt all of 2015 and had a pretty good 2016, but this year has been a tire fire. I may have to write an ode to Victor soon.

On the lighter side

MLive delivers the Tigers 2017 season in GIFS. PSA, if you’ve been pronouncing GIFs with a j, you’ve been doing it wrong. I don’t care that the “inventor” is trying to push that pronunciation. It’s Graphic Interchange Format. HARD G.

Around the horn

Three Detroit prospects that you need to know. The Tigers 2017 season in gifs. Extend the damn nets. It’s not that hard. The Angels may have cost themselves a playoff spot by playing the artist formally known as Albert Pujols. And an excellent Halloween costume executed to perfection.

Baseball is awesome